Cover image: Gazelle and Tiger, India, 2019, Valentina DuBasky,
Gouache, 8 x 6.5 inches

“Horned & Antlered Animals”

Book Publication and One-Person Online Exhibition 

by Valentina DuBasky
Abingdon Square Publishing and Viewing Room
October 2020 

This collection of vividly colored, abstracted images of bison, goats, stags and antelope celebrates the shapes and structure of horns and antlers—the spiraling and coiling horns of goats and sheep, the smooth horns of cattle, the meandering or lyre-shaped horns of antelope, and the regal crowns of stags--paired, branched or forked.

Cover image: White Bison with Ochre Markings, 2020, Valentina DuBasky,
Oil n Canvas, 12 x 16 inches

“Singular & Serial: Contemporary
Monotype and Monoprint”

by Catherine Kernan & E. Ashley Rooney
with Laura G. Einstein & Janice Oresman

Schiffer Publishing, 2019 

“Recent prints from more than 70 top artists across the US demonstrate what monotypes and monoprints offer to artists and the broader world of art. With their backgrounds in curating, collecting, and art history, Einstein draws us into the history and traditions of the forms, and Oresman writes as a collector about the fascination of monotype as a magically spontaneous process.”

“Twenty-two Horses, Stags and Bison”

by Valentina DuBasky
Abingdon Square Publishing, 2017 

Twenty-two Horses, Stags and Bison presents a collection of DuBasky’s totemic creatures that are pitched on the edge of abstraction. The paintings can be read as animal, abstraction, landscape or still life, and at the same time, explore the correspondences between ancient art and the contemporary imagination. 

Cover image: Winged Horse with Figures, 2016, Valentina DuBasky,
Acrylic and marble dust on plaster and paper, 30.5 x 33 inches

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