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O’Shaughnessy, Tracey; “Celebration of a Unique Singularity: Monoprint Show Featured,”
 REP/Republican American, June 13 

“Selected New Editions,” ART IN PRINT, March-April; Color reproduction: Cliff Site with Red Heron, monoprint, 2013
“New Editions,” Journal of the Print World, April/May/June; Color reproduction: Amber Birds with Indigo Mountain, monoprint, 2013 

Szeto-Chan, Erin; Review, In New York/ Eclectic Collector, July; Color reproduction: Tiger Orchid/ Sri Lanka, monoprint, 2001

Marimo, Meri; Review, Twenty-First Century Prints, August; Color reproduction: River Edge, monoprint, 1990

Review, Print News: International Journal of Contemporary Prints, Vol. 8, No. 2, Spring; Color reproduction: Ragtime Hart, monoprint,1985

Beller, Tom; “Ancient Art Comes Alive,” West Side Spirit/Arts & Entertainment, July 14; Color reproductions: Leaping Brindled Stag, 1984 and Ragtime Hart, 1984  

Cohen, Ronny; “New Editions,” ARTnews, April; Color reproduction: Dune Horse/Starry Night, lithograph, 1984
Review, The Print Collectors Newsletter, Vol. 15, No. 3, July-August; Color reproductions: Claret Stag in Plum Field, 1984 and Leaping Brindled Stag, 1984

Review, The Print Collectors Newsletter, Vol. 14, No. 5; Color reproduction: Dune Horse/Starry Night, 1983 

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